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darrendarebear inquired:

I see you have Treasure Lust on your list and I was wondering if you know where I could find the sequel to that (Treasure Hunt)? I found an ff(.)net account with them linked, but they all lead to a deleted tumblr account? Or maybe the author changed their url and didn't edit the links? Help would be very much appreciated! <3

Unfortunately, it looks like the tumblr and ffn account for that story have been taken down. As far as I know, the sequel only got up to chapter 4 or 5 and wasn’t documented anywhere other than the tumblr account. It is a shame to see this fic go but here is a link for the PDF of Treasure Lust via the Klaine PDF tumblr page (http://klaineficspdfs.tumblr.com/post/25095064538) I would download it while you can, because the author always has rights to ask it to be pulled and sadly that is the case most of the time once they start pulling down fics is to pull the pdf too.

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Breaking News

I am a doofus!

Thank you to the anon that left me a message that I forgot to actually put the link in for one of the stories last night.  After looking back this morning, I realized that both fics I posted last night are available on LJ and FFN.  I have linked them appropriately (I hope).

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Feels Like Home

Author: Yellow Butterfly/Nofear2034

Rating: M/NC-17

Pairing/Carrier: Klaine/Kurt

Summary:  A GKM prompt (X if you want spoilers for the plot).  Kurt and Blaine meet in college and really hit it off and become the best of friends.  Somewhere along the line Kurt meets an OC and Blaine notices that after some time, something just seems off.  Blaine suspects Kurt is being abused.

Warnings: Domestic violence (some shown, some not), mentions of past minor character deaths, minor character death, switch!Klaine.

Delivery: Anally.

Notes: This fic is completed.

Can be read on FFN and  LJ.

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Told You So

Author: Yellow Butterfly/Nofear2034

Rating: M/NC-17

Pairing/Carrier: Sebklaine/Blaine

Summary: A GKM prompt.  All three boy decide to start a family.  Blaine is the only one who is a carrier.  He decides, that to be fair, the choosing of the other father should be up to fate.  Meaning that boy Kurt and Sebastian must double penetrate him and come at the same time.  Behind Blaine’s back, Kurt and Sebastian make a bet on who can get Blaine pregnant sooner after the initial try.  Cue lots of sexed-out Blaine who later confronts them about it.

Warnings: Double penetration, insatiable!Blaine, Sebastian’s parents being douche wagons.

Delivery: Anally, homebirth.

Notes. This fic is completed.

Can be read at FFN and LJ.

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Anonymous inquired:

Mpreg!Dave Karofsky :)

Oh, Nonnie!  I would give my soul for a fic that was well written with Dave as the carrier!  I have only come across one and it was just…. no.  I am not even certain I could find it again if I tried.

But can you imagine…  Dave rubbing his own belly and cooing at it.  And Dave’s partner singing to the baby (Either Kurt or Sebastian would be ideal for this, to me at least).  Then an epilogue set in the future with protective!papa Dave and his child’s first serious relationship!  Eep…. Someone write us an Mpreg!Dave please!!!

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au - MPREG - After six months in the Big Apple and since forgoing the condoms, Blaine realizes he’s knocked up. If only he could have told Kurt differently.

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Sooo… Hi there! Remember me?

Hi everyone.  Yeah, I know… I haven’t posted any fics in a while.  Real life busted through my front door and sucker punched me in the face.  

I have been reading.  I have been reading a lot.  But because of how busy I have been, this blog has unfortunately taken a backseat.

One thing that is draining me, is seeing the same pairing over and over again for this genre.  I love some Klaine mpreg, but that seems to be all I am able to find.  If you find any other Glee mpreg fics that you want me to read for you and possibly at to the growing library here, hit up my ask box!  It is always open.

Thank you for your patience.  I hope to have more fic posts soon!

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Anonymous inquired:

Hi! I love the site, and I wonder if someone could make a fic with Sebastian expecting and would love Dave being the father, but Sebastian doesnt know how he is going to take the news... Thanks

Anon, this sounds completely lovely!  To the PROMPT PAGE!!!  

I love me some pregger Seb, unfortunately, there isn’t much out there. :(  

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Who Says

Author: Karanoaoi/Cyhretmis

Rating: M/NC-17

Pairing/Carrier: Klaine/Kurt

Summary: Wolves mate for life once an Alpha claims their Omega, but the ways of choosing your mate are changing. Alphas still have to start a mating run, but what if the Omega has their eye on a certain Alpha? Follow the Anderson and Hummel families through these changes. A generational story of the Anderson and Hummel families, starting with Blaine’s maternal grandmother.

Warnings: (Hold onto you chairs, there is a lot.  Keep in mind this is a generational fic so some of these shouldn’t be too surprising.)  Past discussion of Non-con mating rituals, discussions and scenes of an OC’s miscarriages and a stillbirth, genocide committed by an OC (of his omega-born male children), children being used as bartering tools, pseudo-kidnapping, character death of an OC, Non-con acts involving the unwanted start of a mating run, stereotypes of D/s implications of Alpha/Omega relationships, knotting, one instance of switching (just in case you like to avoid that in your fics of this genre), mentions of an off-screen OC’s mental illness and suicide, bullying that causes complications to an OC.

Delivery: C-section

Notes: Chapter 13 of this fic on the FFN site has a break down of some of the inner workings of M/M, F/M, and F/F couplings involving every type of combination in regards to Alpha/Omega and pregnancies if you want to read that first.  This fic is completed and the author stated that a sequel is in the works.  Once that is posted I will be reading it as a wip, but may not post till it is done because of the likelihood of heaps of warnings.

Can be read at FFN, AO3, or S&C.

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