au - MPREG - After six months in the Big Apple and since forgoing the condoms, Blaine realizes he’s knocked up. If only he could have told Kurt differently.

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Sooo… Hi there! Remember me?

Hi everyone.  Yeah, I know… I haven’t posted any fics in a while.  Real life busted through my front door and sucker punched me in the face.  

I have been reading.  I have been reading a lot.  But because of how busy I have been, this blog has unfortunately taken a backseat.

One thing that is draining me, is seeing the same pairing over and over again for this genre.  I love some Klaine mpreg, but that seems to be all I am able to find.  If you find any other Glee mpreg fics that you want me to read for you and possibly at to the growing library here, hit up my ask box!  It is always open.

Thank you for your patience.  I hope to have more fic posts soon!

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Anonymous inquired:

Hi! I love the site, and I wonder if someone could make a fic with Sebastian expecting and would love Dave being the father, but Sebastian doesnt know how he is going to take the news... Thanks

Anon, this sounds completely lovely!  To the PROMPT PAGE!!!  

I love me some pregger Seb, unfortunately, there isn’t much out there. :(  

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Who Says

Author: Karanoaoi/Cyhretmis

Rating: M/NC-17

Pairing/Carrier: Klaine/Kurt

Summary: Wolves mate for life once an Alpha claims their Omega, but the ways of choosing your mate are changing. Alphas still have to start a mating run, but what if the Omega has their eye on a certain Alpha? Follow the Anderson and Hummel families through these changes. A generational story of the Anderson and Hummel families, starting with Blaine’s maternal grandmother.

Warnings: (Hold onto you chairs, there is a lot.  Keep in mind this is a generational fic so some of these shouldn’t be too surprising.)  Past discussion of Non-con mating rituals, discussions and scenes of an OC’s miscarriages and a stillbirth, genocide committed by an OC (of his omega-born male children), children being used as bartering tools, pseudo-kidnapping, character death of an OC, Non-con acts involving the unwanted start of a mating run, stereotypes of D/s implications of Alpha/Omega relationships, knotting, one instance of switching (just in case you like to avoid that in your fics of this genre), mentions of an off-screen OC’s mental illness and suicide, bullying that causes complications to an OC.

Delivery: C-section

Notes: Chapter 13 of this fic on the FFN site has a break down of some of the inner workings of M/M, F/M, and F/F couplings involving every type of combination in regards to Alpha/Omega and pregnancies if you want to read that first.  This fic is completed and the author stated that a sequel is in the works.  Once that is posted I will be reading it as a wip, but may not post till it is done because of the likelihood of heaps of warnings.

Can be read at FFN, AO3, or S&C.

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So I was scrolling through the GKM today, as one does when he or she is bored…  And I found several really interesting mpreg prompts that are not claimed.  

My question to you good people is this, would you like for me to add some of the GKM mpreg prompts to the prompt list for easier access and search-ability?

I plan on keeping an eye out on the prompts from the latest round whatever the outcome.  *whispers* But there are some seriously good ones waiting/begging to be taken!

I do this for all you lovely followers who have embraced the mpreg genre.  So let me know what you would like to see and I shall try my best to make it happen.

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One in a Million


Author: Crisscolferika

Rating: M/NC-17

Pairing/Carrier: Klaine/Kurt

Summary: Kurt Hummel thought he had gotten the job of a lifetime when he became the secretary for Blaine Anderson but Kurt soon finds out working for Blaine is only the beginning of his nightmare because his boss is actually…a vampire.

Warnings: Vampire!Blaine, Virgin!Kurt, Asshole!Blaine (serious asshole mcdouchebag going on here), non con (Sebastian/Kurt kissing), dub con (Blaine/Kurt penetrative sex), all types of vampire tropes, early delivery.

Delivery: emergency C-section

Notes: The author is not a native English speaker so some of the grammar is a little off but not enough to ruin the plot.  Author replies to reviews in the beginning of the chapters that contain fic spoilers (so scroll down to avoid them if you want to remain surprised).  This is a work in progress, any additional warnings will be added and emboldened on reblogs.

Can be read at FFN.

Update: This fic has currently been updated through to chapter 64 as of Jan 13th.  There are no new warnings at this time. 

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sarahwhite32 inquired:

do you only fic rec finished stories

I do read and post wips.  I actually have one that has updated that I need to make a note of!  (Oops, and thanks for that memory jog!)

If you know of a wip that you would like me to read, please send me a link.

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Be Still My Heart

Author: Hummelanderson

Rating: M/NC-17

Pairing/Carrier: Klaine/Kurt

Summary: When Kurt can’t pay for his purchases Blaine comes in a saves the day.  This story moves through all of Kurt’s firsts with an older and mysterious Blaine.

Warnings: Older!Blaine, virgin!younger!Kurt, age difference, virginity loss, teen pregnancy, two instances of fainting, one instance of severe bullying that eludes to wanting to force a miscarriage.

Delivery: C-section

Notes: This fic is a fill for the GKM and is completed.

Read it on the GKM.

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Please pardon the dust as I work on changing this sites theme.  The old one isn’t working like it should.  

In the mean time, go read some fics!

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frozen26tinker inquired:

Hi I have wanted some one to write a good Finn/Puck mpreg story for a longtime. I just wanted it to be a onshot but not short. They would be married and I would like Finn to be pregnant due to the fact he seems to be the woman in their relationship. It would be great if their was a birth scene and how Finn and Puck are doing during the moments of happiness and cry? Please could you do this? I know this is a long post very sorry :)

Thank you for the lovely prompt!  I, however, am not an author for this lovely site/genre of fics.  I am merely a humble reader and appreciator of mpreg fics in the Glee universe. 

If anyone would like to take on this prompt, I am sure that not only the original asker would love it, but I would too!

I will set up a side bar tab for prompts if anyone else would like to drop your mpreg thoughts and wishes into it through the ask box.  Please just let me know if you would like to take a prompt so that I can follow it and blog it!

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